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Oct 19, 2012 7:00pm PDT
and mitt romney will within 251. krystal ball, they take the convention to tampa, the local endorsement endorses obama. that very same newspaper comes out and says president obama should be re-elected. and then gou to utah. you would presume a stronghold area for mitt romney. surely he's going to carry the state. but there, big local paper says no, president obama has earned re-election. what do newspaper endorsements mean in a 121st century campaign? >> it would be easy to dismiss them to say they don't amount a whole lot, there's so much media out there, but i actually think for a lot of undecided voters, who you might call low information voters, their local paper is still a go-to source for what's going on. it's a trusted source, it's reporters they know, it's editors that they know. so it can mean something in a swing state to those voters who are kind of on the fence. i think it can make a dense. >> ari, 18 days to go and the president is beginning to make his closing arguments. let's listen to what he was saying today in virginia, that is something of a summation of his case. >>
Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm PDT
state and local officials. >> he deserves great credit. >> this storm is not yet over. >> the october surprise is here. >>> we begin tonight with the devastation from the massive storm called sandy. the death toll continues to rise. within the hour, it has gone from 43 deaths to 50. as a result of the storm. at least 23 of those deaths are in new york state. 18 here in new york city, alone. president obama has declared disasters in 11 states as well as washington, d.c. since sunday, the worst of the damage is in new jersey and new york. the president is scheduled to survey the damage in new jersey tomorrow with republican governor chris christie. more than 6 million homes and businesses are still without power. half of those in new york and new jersey. some subway tunnels in new york are flooded. the city's subway system could be out for at least four days. commuter train tunnels connecting new jersey to manhattan are also flooded. that service will likely be out for at least a week. jfk and laguardia airports are closed but newark airport has partially re-opened according to governor
Oct 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
%. early voting has been under way in ohio for 25 days. today, president obama campaigned on local ohio television via satellite from washington. >> i'm very confident and the reason is first of all we've got incredible volunteers and folks who are out there making phone calls and knocking on doors and as you know early voting has started in ohio and we've seen a huge up surge in people taking advantage of that. so we've got a pretty good sense of who's actually voting in ohio. >> joining me now are joy reid and ohio state senator nina turner. senator turner you've had get out the vote rallies repeatedly. what have you been doing today and in the last 11 days to get out the vote? >> we're firing up the president's base and making sure that people understand that this is a choice election and in that no one can sit this out and we have to make sure that in the state of ohio that we continue to rally the base, get folks excited and they are very excited, lawrence. contrarry to what motion may be seeing. there is no enthusiasm gap in the state of ohio. they fully understand what is at stak
Oct 15, 2012 7:00pm PDT
settling too after romney's debate bounce. and ohio is doing better because both the ohio local economy is doing better on the strength of the president's auto bailout and also because they've been so effective at framing the debate and talking about mitt romney and what his career has entailed and what his positions are, that it really has actually moved the needle there in a compelling way. >> steve, a lot of photo ops have a certain amount of phoneyness in them, but paul ryan going to the soup kitchen thing, they don't usually back fire that bad. rush limbaugh could have told them because he doesn't want them to disown that 47% comment. >> there are a lot of people who agreed with him when he made the comments about the 47%. so he's got to be very careful about -- i think -- it seems like the tendency is to just apologize thinking that will get it off the table. and it won't. that's just a brand new door opening. romney admits he was wrong. romney admits, romney admits. what else is romney wrong about? >> what don't they follow his advice on this one? >> rush limbaugh can't lose in t
Oct 29, 2012 7:00pm PDT
so that fema personnel are working closely with state and local governments. we're making sure that food and water and emergency generation is available for those communities that are going to be hardest hit. transportation is going to be tied up for a long time. and probably the most significant impact for a lot of people in addition to flooding, is going to be getting power back on. the fact is, a lot of these emergency crews are not going to be able to get into position to start restoring pooir until some of the winds have died down. >> joining me for the latest on. power and scope of sandy is nbc meteorologist bill kerrins. bill, the mayor of new york seemed to indicate the worst is over in new york city. where is the country now in this storm? because it covers a lot more than the state of new york? >> well, if this was a sporting event we're heading toward the end. we've seen the worst of it. we've seen the most damage and the most extreme damage on the coast with the high tide cycle we just got done with but all the water has to rush out and we still have wirnds blowing
Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
that abargs should be safe and local in this country. >> i will repeal obama care. >> don't forget, i got everybody in my state insured. >> he's trying to walk and chew gum at the sament time. >> this is a campaign about the 100%. i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> it's the narrative that's culling this campaign. >> the paradox of the mittens. >> i'm not familiar with precisely what i said, but i stand by what i said, whatever it was. >> and i hope to be your president. thank you. >>> just 35 days until the presidential election, and just 23 hours until the first presidential debate. mitt romney is in colorado where his handlers are desperately trying to teach him to be likable. romney advisers' chief concerns are the intangibles such as body language and demeanor. they want their candidate to balance his finely tuned arguments with personal warmth. his advisers knowledge that it will be difficult for him to endear himself to the country. his advisers have been nervous about how romney's intermittent anger would play in a one-on-one debate with obama. here are some of the primary d
Oct 8, 2012 7:00pm PDT
, charitable deduction, state and local taxes and health care deducti deductions. those are the big ones. i'm to believe there's a powerful outcome if you can simplify the tax code, particularly if they can result in reduction in rates. i think it can be a powerful outcome and it's a good thing, but it's not easy to do because you've got to identify the changes that will have to occur. that means somebody is going to have to give up something. but i've also, lawrence, proposed a congress cutback the pension, cut back the staff, they've got about a trillion in savings there. congress has to lead. >> what about on the spending side? that's the part everyone thinks there's the easy cuts to make. and i think in the republican world they think the spending side is easiest place to go to try and close the deficit. >> it isn't. what's occurring in my campaign there's a slogan we're going to have a balance budget that takes many town to 18% gdp and would savage everything people care about. so you've got to come in with the most controversial ones. that's again why the two most important and larges
Oct 23, 2012 10:00pm PDT
obama, they don't trust their local mayor. so i'm not sure a trust argument works with people in that kind of voting pattern. >> i think that's true. you've seen and you've played a lot of sound from obama and biden on the stump today. they are putting heart out there like they have not before on this campaign trail. joe biden has a proclivity towards aviator sunglasses. but it is this idea that you can believe in obama, that he has the heart, he has legitimacy, he has this moral compass that mitt romney doesn't have. i will say when delivering these lines, which fundamentally are campaign lines and which obama delivered last night with aplomb, there is something more fundamentally maybe more believable and convincing in them. hopefully that sways independent voters. i don't know. >> i think also they've done a very good job. at this point and it's a very apt point by you that the undecideds don't trust politicians. there is an authority that comes with being the president of the united states that they have been leaning on harder and harder. you saw it in the secretary debate
Oct 17, 2012 7:00pm PDT
does want to tell you about the home mortgage or college credit or state and local taxes so he fakes it. i find it stunning. it's to me disqualifying. >> spoken like a true member of the senate finance committee. i want to go to some information we got from a company that reviews online sentiment during the debate. this is from twitter and facebook and it shows how the reactions are going online. there are these graphs again behind you on the big board. romney is the red number. and if you look at the lowest line there, that's negative reaction. and negative reaction for romney is worst at two moments in the debate. the first one corresponded with his very first argument with candy crowley and the second one when candy crowley fact checked him on libya. >> there's a fine line to walk there between being aggressive and assertive and taking control of the room and just seeming nasty. and the interesting thing was the president really controlled the pace of the debate. he ended up getting more time and being able to talk more. but he didn't come off nasty, pushy, aggressive. nasty towards
Oct 29, 2012 10:00pm PDT
and local governments. we're making sure that food and water and emergency generation is available for those communities that are going to be hardest hit. transportation is going to be tied up for a long time and probably the most significant impact for a lot of people in addition to flooding is going to getting power back on. the fact is a lot of emergency crews are not going to be able to get into position to start restoring power until some of these winds have died down. you know, this is going to be a big storm. it's going to be a difficult storm. the great thing about america is when we go through tough times like this, we all pull together. we look out for our friends. we look out for our neighbors. >> the president was asked what this means for the campaign. obviously we are looking at being just a week away from the election day, and he said that's not the important thing right now. the important thing is essentially to take care of business. he had suspended his campaign today. he has no campaign events tomorrow. mitt romney had suspended as well, although he says he is going to be
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)